"Meeting old friends", wall plaque. Bilbo and Gandalf!

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Lord Of The Rings Meeting Of Old Friends Wall-Plaque Resin Ltd 3000 Weta. Preparations for Bilbo's One-hundred-and-eleventh birthday went on in earnest for many weeks preceding the fated day. Plagued by visitors with selfish agendas and well-wishers seeking invitations, the grumpy old Hobbit was waspish and snappy when he heard the door of Bag End rap one more time. Yet the surprise that greeted his tired eyes was quick to melt Bilbo's stern manner, as he was reunited after many long years with his old friend and mentor Gandalf the Grey.

The piece comes with a description of the scene on the back as well as the signatures of Virginia Lee and two time Oscar winner Richard Taylor. The plaque has two keyhole wall mounts and rubber bumpers on the back for easy display.

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Dimensions: 24.1 x 39.4 x 7.6 cm (H x W x D)